We all have a relationship with food. It’s a fact of life. And sometimes life is hard. We hurt. We are confused. We try to cope. Sometimes the way we feel affects the way we eat. Controlling our eating patterns is an attempt to cover over the pain we feel. Sometimes it feels like it’s all we can control. Eating more. Eating less. Not eating at all. Normal things we come across everyday don’t seem to help. Tv, magazines, film posters. The celebrity diets, the model eating the chocolate in the advert, the air-brushed perfection. We want to be anyone but ourselves.Then maybe someone will accept us. Love us?

Eating disorders are a way of controlling what we feel. For some people it is loss, trauma, abuse, bullying, shame, fear. It isn’t the same for everyone. Controlling food diverts our attention from the real problem.

As a charity, we seek to address the issues around eating disorders. We believe in full recovery – getting to a place where food no longer controls your life. Since we first began many people took the brave step to enter through out doors. Below are just a few of the stories which we hope will bring you hope. Simply click on the images to read their story.

Nick: Recovery Group Leader

Nick Inman



Gerald White


John Evans